Trading Services

We represent the new generation in energy asset management, in which digitalisation of all processes, intelligent integration of IT systems and round-the-clock energy trading allow our clients to optimize their risk-reward potential on a complex and dynamic market environment.

Thanks to our smart algorithms and market experience, we can put your assets to work in the Greek long-term and short-term power markets, and balancing and ancillary services markets, while undertaking imbalance risks for you. This way, Optimus Energy generates additional revenues for your plant. And the best of all: it can be 100% risk-free.

Optimus Energy enables direct participation of your installation in the:

  • current day-ahead market in Greece
  • new forward market (price hedging), day-ahead market and intraday market under the forthcoming Target Model in Greece (2019 onwards)
  • new balancing and ancillary services market in Greece (2019 onwards) while undertaking imbalance risks and servicing the imbalance settlement process for you.

How we put your asset at work

Connect to our smart trading services: We combine your plant operation together with our optimization algorithms to optimally sell your plant production on a 30-minute basis.

Choose your market participation: We trade your electricity on the market where it is worth most, but we also actively involve you in the trading strategy. You can choose the market segment for your participation. For example, we can trade both on the spot and the balancing and ancillary services market, or switch between these to maximize your revenues.

Minimize your imbalance cost: Our algorithms anticipate imbalances of your asset and forecast imbalance prices. We thus reduce or avoid imbalance costs, by trading on the intraday market and by steering your plant in real-time.

Choose customized or tailored-made products: We offer customized or tailored-made products according to your need for security. For example, you might opt for access to the day-ahead market with the safety of a fixed price return, or you might opt to track the day-ahead market price to maximize your financial return while assuming a small risk to changes in market prices.

Ensure transparent operation: We work transparently, motivated by mutual benefit from trading your electricity production. There are no hidden fees.