Renewable Generation Forecasting

The main market characteristic of renewable generation is its intermittent and uncertain nature. While this is more evident for wind generation, solar generation can also prove to be quite volatile and unpredictable in the short term (minutes ahead).

Given that renewable assets will assume balancing responsibility in the new market environment, the development of efficient forecasting systems that will receive on-line updated input from the renewable assets and that will be able to produce reliable and continuous short-term generation forecasts is of utmost importance.

In Optimus Energy, we have developed competitive short-term forecast methodologies at park level for various renewable technologies:

  • wind turbines
  • photovoltaics
  • small hydro units
  • small thermoelectric generation (cogeneration, biomass and geothermal)

Our methodologies enable us:

  • to accurately predict actual operational conditions
  • make the best decisions based on forecasts
  • maximize our clients’ value and minimize imbalance costs