“Maximizing Value by Managing Risks.”

We provide our partners owning renewable assets transparent and value-creating solutions for price, service and production scheduling tools and market risk management to help them remain competitive under the new market environment.

Optimus Energy specifically offers:

  • Direct market participation:
  • Balancing responsibility and imbalance settlement
  • Market risk monitoring and mitigation strategies
  • Access to physical power purchase agreements and financial offtake products on both standard and tailor-made terms
  • Compliance and reporting services for all applicable European regulations (REMIT, EMIR, etc.)
  • 24/7/365 market monitoring, market information, comprehensive and customizable reporting and our experts’ recommendations
  • Flexible transactions frequency and self-billing option
  • Issuance and Trading of Guarantees of Origins in Greece and Europe
  • Res Stations monitoring
  • Access to Optimus Energy Portal for detailed information on operational activity

Optimus Energy’s business model utilizes advanced in-house software systems for production management and 24/7 trading services to exploit the maximum potential of your energy assets.

We offer our services to a variety of clients in the Greek power market, including:

  • wind power
  • solar (photovoltaic) power
  • hydroelectric power
  • combined heat and power plants (CHP)
  • biomass
  • utilities

Our trading activities cover the entire range from long-term to short-term markets in Greece:

  • forward and over-the-counter trading
  • day-ahead market trading
  • intraday market trading
  • balancing and reserve provision including renewable participation
  • portfolio management

Partnership with Optimus Energy means partnership with the largest Res portfolios in Greece, which highly reduces the imbalance risks for our partners.  Our starting point is our customers’ assets and their individual market exposure. On the basis of insights into our customers’ generation capacities, we apply our sophisticated software systems for optimization and asset balancing to provide our clients with maximum value for their electricity. Our second-to-none systems and trading services allow us to provide our clients the potential to raise the reward on their renewable generation and achieve the highest possible market revenues.

Additionally, Optimus Energy’s services are designed to exploit the value of energy assets in a market of growing complexity and under consideration of the transitory and enduring market reform measures in Greece (Target Model). Continuous adaptation and innovative solutions to meet market changes is a distinguished feature of Optimus Energy!

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